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Drive Through Interactive Experiences

Our revolutionary drive through interactive experiences create a safe environment that allows entertainment and retail brands to connect with their fans, introduce new product and provide contactless merchandise sales.  This concept can be applied to a variety of verticals.
  • Beauty

  • Product Drops

  • Drive Through Malls

  • Wellness

  • Fitness

  • Gaming/Esports

  • Fashion

  • Food Festivals

  • Home and Garden

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Drive In Interactive Entertainment Experiences
They say everything old is new again but we’ve taken that concept to a whole new level with our Drive In Entertainment Experiences.  We blend the best of retro drive in fun and cutting edge technology to create one-of-a-kind guest interactions.  Activations include movie premieres, press junkets, music launches, concerts, artist experiences and more.
Tech Forward Experiences include:
Drive Through Movie.jpg
  • Interactive Augmented Reality Photo Ops

  • Interactive Video Screens that allow guests

          to change the content

  • 360 Video Dome

  • Interactive LED Panel Discussions

  • Holograms

  • Interactive Movie Scenes

  • Interactive Games

  • Mist Screens

  • Video Mapping

Created with all Covid-19 protocols in mind, our integrated mobile app will connect your guest to the experience via: 
  • Social Chat with other guests

  • AR experience that pop up on phone during movie via ultrasound

  • Virtual Q and A with talent

  • Touchless Food Delivery

  • And so much more…

We have a global network of retail center parking lots and will help you find the perfect location for your activation. 
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